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For purposes of our organization, "multimillionaire" is defined as someone with a net worth of at least $5-million, however, the range of our members actually starts at $7-million and goes to the $120-million family fortune of which one of our members is the sole scion. According to Fortune Magazine, there are approximately 62,500 Americans with a net worth exceeding $5-million, which is % of the population.

Approximately 7,500 of them are living in California and of those, about one-third are over 55. Of the remaining 5,000, approximately half are married. That leaves 2,500 single male multimillionaires under 55 living in California.

While 2,500 may seem like a large number, when considered against the 250-million people in America, it represents less than one-hundredth of a percent of the national population. So is it unreasonable that the members of Aunt Eleanor's Introductions should be seeking women in the top fraction of a percent in desirability?


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